Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New film: 1040

Dear friends with a heart for reaching Asians here and abroad with the love of Jesus Christ,

Jerry and I drove to UCLA recently for a screening of 1040, a 70-minute documentary on what God is doing in Asia, specifically S. Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, mainland China, Indonesia and Afghanistan. It was followed by a personal account by charismatic (in both senses) pastor Jaeson Ma of miracles he witnessed while visiting churches. He interviewed Asian leaders (as well as Dick Eastman, Steve Douglas, Loren Cunningham, Cindy Jacobs, M.C. Hammer and others) and filmed church services throughout Asia.

The purpose of this inspirational film is to show that God is working mightily, bringing hundreds of thousands to Himself with accompanying signs and wonders in the far east today, just as He did in the near east through the disciples in the book of Acts. What He is doing there He can do here! Ma shared a brief history of the good news spreading from Jerusalem outward, until the Holy Spirit forbade disciples to take the word to Asia, re-routing them westward. The gospel of God's forgiveness and new life circled the globe, leaving the far east relatively unreached until recently.

But now Asia, having received the gospel from the west, has gone from being a mission field to a mission force. The largest churches in the world, including one of 1,000,000 members, are in South Korea. On film we watched an Easter sunrise service attended by 25-30,000 people. Chinese are coming to Christ at the rate of 3,700-4,000 per day. Asian Christians have committed to taking the gospel, via the Silk Road, through the unreached countries in the 1040 window back to Jerusalem, thus fulfilling the mandate of Acts 1:8 which must precede the return of Christ.

The film is also intended to motivate people to support missions by sending, going, supporting--and/or publicizing and promoting the film. (One businesswoman in Singapore interviewed in the film works to earn money for the gospel; she gave her first $50,000 profit to build six churches in India--and they were the only buildings still standing after a major earthquake.) The Chinese government, concerned about the loss of moral values in the country, has publicly appealed for 100,000 Christian college graduates from the United States to come to China and "spread Christian values!"

As Jaeson, probably about 30 years old, sang songs from his upcoming album “GLORY,” he gave an invitation to the audience of about 200, almost entirely Asian college students, to come forward and dedicate their lives to taking the good news to their own people here in the States and/or back to their countries of origin. With only one or two exceptions, every single person came forward. As for the two previous screenings, the 1040 website says:

-Directors Guild of America World Premiere in Hollywood was sold out. Unprecedented second theatre was opened with standing room only.
-NewSong Irvine was packed out, people sitting on the floor, people not allowed in due to fire hazard. So the overflow room was used – it overflowed into the lobby, where nearly a hundred people were watching on tiny screens. Over 900+ students made commitments to serve in Asia!

The 1040 film is being mass-produced for the public. In the meantime Jaeson and others are setting up screenings on American campuses for a Fall 1040 University Tour between September-October 2010. (I'm sure they would set up screenings at churches also.) You can go to: and click on “host a screening” or email to get your university on the tour.

We were thoroughly impressed with the film and with Jaeson Ma's vision, commitment and enthusiasm. Jerry and I are not officially connected with the film but we believe strongly in its message and encourage you to see it when it comes out.

Jerry and Jessica

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Comin' Off the Mountaintop Blues

HELP YOURSELF to this song I wrote as a finale for Christian retreats and conferences. You should be able to click on the music here: It has piano and synthesized voice but not the lyrics, so I am printing the lyrics out for you below:


I had a mountaintop experience the other day.
It was easy to worship and easy to pray.
God's will was crystal clear, I had life all arranged--
But then I came down from the mountaintop
and nothing had changed.
Same old problems! Same routine!
What did all those fine-sounding commitments mean?
I've got those comin'-off-the-mountaintop blues,
I've got those comin'-off-the-mountaintop blues.

Upon the mountain Jesus gave me a sweet song to sing.
I knew with Him I could be victor over anything.
His word came so alive as I sat at His feet--
But then I came down from the mountaintop
to instant defeat.
Same temptation! Same old sin!
Same old conviction that I just can't win.
I've got those comin'-off-the-mountaintop blues,
I've got those comin'-off-the-mountaintop blues.

Satan, get lost! In Jesus' name!
I refuse to play your old depression game.
My mind is a kingdom and Jehovah is king--
Bug off, Satan, 'cause you're trespassing!

I had a mountaintop experience the other day.
It was easy to worship and easy to pray.
God's will was crystal clear, I had life all arranged--
And when I came down from the mountaintop--
praise God--nothing had changed!
Same great God and same great love!
Same abundant mercy that He offered above.
I've beat those comin'-off-the-mountaintop blues,
I've beat those comin'-off-the-mountaintop blues!

written by Jessica Shaver, Oct. 23, 1983