Tuesday, June 7, 2016


     From Indonesia? Sandalwood gives a unique, spicy scent to the fan. Mum bought a number of these and had me give them out as thank you gifts to new friends I made as we traveled, when they invited me to spend a day or night with them. One of these girls accepted her fan with the comment, "It's pretty--but ooh, the smell!" She promptly dumped a bottle of cologne over it while I watched, wishing she had just given it back instead.
     Back on our home turf in Yellow Springs, Ohio, a friend hosted a little get-together for me. Mum donated fans for me to give everyone. Since there weren't enough sandalwood fans, she supplemented with some from the nearest five-and-dime.  
     Because of that, I thought we'd given all the sandalwood fans away--but I found this one among my things recently. Now I can stop resenting the girl who ruined hers with cheap perfume.

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