Friday, June 17, 2016


     We used kerosene lamps all the way across the Pacific on our maiden voyage (six weeks). It was my job to polish the lamps (which you notice I have failed to keep up), trim the wicks and keep them filled with kerosene. In Hawaii Skipper installed electric lights, which he kept powered up by generator. I didn't realize until I hauled the only lamp still in existence (as far as I know) out of our garage to take a picture of it that the lamps themselves were converted to hold light bulbs and plug into the wall.
    (I'm cheating here. Not only didn't I polish the brass for this photo but the lamp is not really vertical or attached to the wall. I laid the lamp on a canvas sack on the floor and held up its tail with one hand as I took the picture with the other. Then I turned the picture upright.)
     The one on the wall of the ladies' cabin in yesterday's picture was a little different. I don't remember for sure which style came first.

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