Saturday, June 18, 2016

PHOENIX MEMORABILIA: "Souvenirs hung from bulkheads and overhead"

    This is the ladies' cabin, where we served coffee to the crew of the Golden Rule. As Bert Bigelow mentioned in his book, The Voyage of the Golden Rule, "the bulkheads and even the overhead were hung with all kinds of souvenirs from all over the world."
      I don't remember where we got the stuffed crocodile but it was on the wall over Mum's bunk.
     We also had two things dangling from the ceiling. One was a woven capsule of dried palm or pandanus leaves about six inches by three inches--like a large sausage--in which, we were told, was dried banana. This was how Polynesians carried their food when they made long voyages in their catamarans. Ours eventually disintegrated but not for years.
     The other thing was a small blowfish, inflated, maybe eight inches across.
     Facing Mum, over the doorway to the main cabin, is the wooden carving of a Japanese scene and behind and above her is the tokonoma, both of which I will be telling you about in the next few days.
     The cat is Mi-ke's daughter, Manuia (Lucky in Tahitian).

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