Friday, May 27, 2016


     The Fezolomp - This is a crazy beast with three eyes and a long, snake-like body. It silthers along the ground. One Fezolomp was owned by a lady I knew and kept in the back yard of her house like a dog. It had a pen with a dish of food and one of water, a box of sand, and a shelter. The Fezolomp could get out easily but liked the lady and was shy of other people. At seeing someone besides the lady, he lay on his back on the ground and stuck his tongue out shyly.
     Although he is sometimes shy, the Fez can get really angry. If something happens that he doesn't like and is done by someone he doesn't know, he bops them over the head with the ball at the end of his tail, which is filled with iron and is hard for him to lift. Only when he is mad does he have enough strength to lift it. It is lucky he seldom gets angry!

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