Sunday, May 8, 2016

MY JOURNAL: Glimpses into Vol. 6 (ages 13-14)

June 5, 1957 - June 8, 1958 New York, Connecticut, Inland (intermittently), Mayaguana, Great Inagua, Jamaica, Canal Zone, Galapagos Is., Marquesas, Hawaii

This is the picture on the cover of To Russia with Love. I didn't have anything to do with choosing it and when I first saw the cover and realized the slide it had been printed from (above) was reversed, it would have cost $70 to have it changed. So I let it go. I'm not left-handed but who's going to notice?
(Later I chose a new cover for the book.)

Posing for Starlac ad--see below (photo by National News and Illustration Service)

New York: I arrange to do an ad for Starlac Instant Non-fat Dry Milk. . .
                    I hate non-fat instant dry milk. Why am I only 5-foot-one? Because I drank as little room-temperature
powdered milk as possible so I didn't  grow.
Mum and I are taking watches now

                        Besides two cats, Duchess and Amya, we now have a Galapagos tortoise, Jonathan Mushmouth, and a goat called, variously, Goaty-Goat, Frescavena, and Leetle One.,
After three years' sailing, we catch a fish!

April Fools' Day

Circumnavigation almost complete--I'm dreaming of food!

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