Saturday, May 21, 2016

ALPHABETABOBICAL LAND: Vimblefly, Ebiltoo, Yumber Dox, Zchnerrouch

     The Vimblefly - The Vimblefly flies as any other invertebrate creature does although it is not an insect. It is a vimblefly for vumbs. It can fly in any direction it pleases and is beautifully colored. When he's happy, he uses his red side and if he's sad, he turns inside-out and had his grey side showing. He is always thirsty and hungry because everytime he eats or drinks something, it goes right out the other end and he's hungry once more. If he sits on the ground to eat, his food stays in him only until he flies away. It is left behind in a heap.
     One Vimblefly I owned was the only one that would vit my vumb when I sewed. It got smart and had a piece of tin put on it so the food stayed in him. There were two troubles about this! One, I couldn't wear him any more and secondly, the food didn't digest, although he was full from then on, and got stale.
     There are ten rules all Vimbleflies have to obey:
     1. A vimblefly lives 10 years, no more, no less.
     2. Each Vim. lays 2,465 eggs a year.
     3. They lay eggs for 9 years.
     4. 22,185 eggs are laid by each Vim. in its lifetime.
     5. Each Vim. eats 2 doz. niperkoos a month.
     6. Each Vim. eats 288 nips. a year.
     7. 2,880 nips. in a Vim's. lifetime.
     8. Each nip. eats 2 doz. Vims. a month.
     9. 2,880 Vims. in 10 years are eaten by nips.
   10. A nip. lives 10 years also.

     The Ebiltoo -  This beast is ebiltoo do any carpentry work. He is made up of a saw, hammer, and pockets to keep nails, screws, tape, and such like in. The creature has eyes, arms, and wings and flies to wherever he's going to work. He's handy to here for making houses, etc., because he saws each tree he's going to use, takes out a nail and pounds it on the board, taking only 3 seconds for this.
     One Ebiltoo I knew worked so fast, he came right around and hit and blunted the saw-part of him with his hammer. Had to buy a new saw and have an operation to put it on. A few weeks later, I learned he'd sawed off his arm by mistake. Poor fella! Next thing I knew, he'd nailed his second arm onto his saw-part. He wasn't so bright, because he worked faster than ever from then on. More accidents happened but I won't make you sick by telling them now.

     Yumber Dox - This creature is not, absolutely NOT to be confused with the Burr Dox. He is red and white checkered, with 10 different colored legs and long blue hair. He walks all over the forest, dragging his hair behind him and then goes home in the evening. He combs out his hair and puts all the things that were stuck in his hair, in his trophy box.
     On Cristmas, friends tie presents in his hair when he's not looking, and he is very surprised when he combs his hair out. His hair is rathr like a dragging Christmas tree.
     One Christmas, a mean Fwoozlelump saw the Yumber Dox dragging his presents tied to his hair and he cut off all the long, beautiful blue hair. Oh, but the beast was sad when he found his trophy getter got off. Luckily the Fwoozlelump was beaten soundly with the Yumber Doxe's egg beater, and he got the presents back, with his friends' help. His hair grew back within a week or so but was green.

     The Zchnerrouch - Poor Zchnerrouch! Always said is he, for this beast has his feelings sticking out all over. They are long, tangled light green feelings, coming out of the middle of his orange body. This creature has many friends but everytime one comes near, he steps on a feeling. "Zchnerr-ouch." says the beast.
     One day a friend said, "Why don't you put your feelings in this?" and he gave the Zchnerrouch a box. Soon many friends gave him boxes but he left them lying around and half the time friends stepped on his boxes, which made him sadder than ever.
     One friend finally thought of an idea. "Wrap your feelings all around your body." he said. "Then you'll be warm and you won't be stepped on." So the Zchnerrouch tried this but complained it was too hot to do on a hot summer's day like it was. Other beasts tried to think of ideas, but none were the right one. So far as I know, the Zchnerrouch is still crying because his boxes and feelings are being stepped on. Poor Zchnerrouch!

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