Sunday, May 1, 2016

PHOENIX MEMORABILIA: Figurehead - found!

     The phoenix-shaped figurehead, carved out of camphor wood and painted gold, was considered lost, stolen, or strayed for 60 years. On August 30, 2010, out of the blue, we received this email:

To Jessica:

      I have located the family that long owned The Phoenix’s figurehead – and may still – and which has plans for the boat. Interested?

Mike Fitzgerald

     We sure were! On September 1, Tomas Daly, former owner of the Phoenix, current owner of the figurehead, wrote Naomi and me:

 "The figurehead is safe and secure waiting for the Phoenix to rise again! Abrazos, Tomas"

     Now living in Mexico, Tomas says the figurehead is stored in a barn in Nevada. He has offered to give it back to our family when the Phoenix is restored!
Skipper and Mi-ke

Ted, painting figurehead

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