Saturday, May 7, 2016

PHOENIX: Childhood artifacts - Journal-carrying case

      Nick Mikami, our first mate and the only Japanese crew member who sailed all the way around the world with us (becoming the first Japanese ever to sail around the world, as far as we know), made this for me to hold my current journal and fountain pens. It is made of canvas with zippers across the top and Nick used the hardy machine with which he mended sails to sew our route onto the side of it--unfortunately it's hard to see because the background has its own pattern. But look at the detail!
"Ho-o-Maru" - Phoenix in Japanese
My initials and "Around the world" in Japanese
Australia outlined in yellow and our route in light blue.

Africa, the Mediterranean--and a pocket for pens.
Our route goes right through the Panama Canal. Note Equator in red and fine khaki-colored stitches showing latitudes and longitudes.
     There are some gifts I've been given which represent so much effort and thoughtfulness on the part of the giver or are so beautiful that I don't use them at all, just keep them. I think I don't feel worthy of them. This is one of those gifts.

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